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Practice Areas

As a practicing attorney in Illinois for more than 20 years, we have 
the experience and breath of knowledge to help clients in a variety
of legal matters, spanning from real estate to family law.
Real Estate Law - 

Our offices have been helping clients buy and sell their homes, their businesses and various structures for more than 20 years.


We have seen every twist that your real estate journey can take, and can help you navigate the often tricky terrain of real estate to your best advantage.

Also, we are committed to helping clients save money in every step of the process. 


We understand that saving money has become a benchmark and reasonable demand from all professionals, and attorneys are not exempt from this obligation.

Family Law


To do family law well, a law firm needs to have both a solid understanding of the law, and a thoughtful recognition of what clients want, and the best way to achieve their goals.


We can help you actualize the goals that you set before, during and after your family law matter begins, and assist every step of the way to avoid hazardous pitfalls and unnecessary pain, which is often a part of many family law processes.

With our assistance, we can help you determine what you are entitled to in the event a long-term relationship is ending, how to achieve your goals, and how to continue living and moving ahead from beginning to end, keeping your dignity, your financial well-being, and vital constancy in your family relationships as well.


Landlord-Tenant Law

When problems come up between landlords and tenants, you need an attorney who has extensive experience on both sides of the equation.


Whether representing landlords or tenants, we do everything possible to make sure that our clients' rights are fully asserted.


This relates both to landlords who need to get non-paying tenants out of properties, fast, and to tenants who don't know their rights, and feel that their landlords are taking advantage of them.


Business-Property Law

Our offices represent many clients in their various legal needs associated with property ownership.


We represent clients who are looking to establish corporate, LLC and other business structures associated with their purchases and sales, clients who need to enforce contracts against contractors who have failed to perform, and clients who have been wronged in their business dealings with other businesses or individuals.​


Tax Reduction

Our offices has been performing residential tax reduction work informally for specialized residential real estate clients, periodically, for more than 20 years

Only now are we making residential tax reduction a regular practice area, available to the general public, seeing the substantial need that exists for possible tax savings for taxpayers in Cook and the collar counties. 

We first assess your property, current property characteristics and tax burden, to determine if there is sufficient technical or a tax-comparative basis to obtain a reduction. If we take your case, we charge no legal fees unless we obtain a reduction. 

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